Speaking of Sparkles, No. 2: Glass & Crystal


A couple Bella customers have recently asked me questions about the stones and metals I use. When you’re not dealing with the vocabulary of jewelry supplies all the time, like I am, I guess it can get pretty confusing! Gold filled, vermeil, plate, dipped, briolette, druzy, quartz, crystal – what’s it all mean?

In this multi-part series on the vocabulary behind pieces I design, I’ll tell you just that, and what it means for the care and longevity of your Bella Sparkle pieces.

I take pride in using premium, heirloom-quality components in my jewelry….and today I’m going to talk about what puts the sparkle in my sparklies: crystal and glass beads.

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Hearts Afire Collection




HeartsAfireGreetings, all you sparkly beauties!  I know what you’re thinking:  “It’s January.  Month of booooo-ring.”  Holiday sparkles still holding on with all their little mights are being swept into sad little drifts in the corners of rooms, with only the dust bunnies to keep them company, and no holidays worth rousing yourself from sweatpants is on the horizon.


Well, all you sparkletastic sparklepants, you must be mistaken, because it looks a whole lot like whoa-amazing-January-just-got-super-awesome around here ever since Bella Sparkle released the latest collection, HEARTS AFIRE.  Hearts afire will spark your soul’s tinder with a blaze of inspiration that’s sure to carry you through the rest of the winter with spring’s song on your smiling lips, and a sweet sparkle at your breast (or ears) (or wrist) (or all three, if you’re feeling extra snappy).


So run, leap, cartwheel and fly over to view the new Valentines Day 2014 Collection, HEARTS AFIRE, and remember, it’s always a healthy new year’s resolution to  Get Your Sparkle On.


Home – archived post

2013-holiday-sitebannerTis the Season for Sparkles!

Bella Sparkle’s 2013 Holiday Collection is now available!

Thanks to my amazing clients and friends, our first Holiday Jewelry show, co-hosted with Lynne’s Soul Stones in November, was a huge success!

Look for another chance to enjoy food, wine, and sparkles around Mother’s Day, and in the meantime stay warm (or cool, if you live in eternally-sunny SoCal), enjoy the holidays, and accept my humble thanks for helping make Bella Sparkle a successful small business.

The everyday inspiration I get from the amazing people in my life, both professionally and personally, is the driving force that powers my creativity.  For your love, your company, and just to know each and every one of you, I am profoundly grateful.

Sending all the shiniest wishes for the holiday season to you and your family…

Jenn German

Owner, Designer – Bella Sparkle


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY – The Hunger Games Collection returns!

Hunger Games-sm banner 2013In honor of Catching Fire for all you fellow fan-girls out there, I have unearthed my boxes of Hunger Games-inspired charms, jewels and sparkles and have slaved away tirelessly to bring you all the most glorious gems of The Capitol and its bedazzled denizens.

Get gussied up with some of these best-selling pieces (I’m bringing some of the old designs back, due to overwhelming popularity), and show your support for The Annual Hunger Games. We’re sure the tributes will appreciate your support, and, as always, may the odds be ever in your favor.  (Of getting one of these pieces before they’re whisked away!)


Winter’s End

As you bundle up and trudge through late winter’s long days, don’t forget to get your daily dose of Bella Sparkle and vitamin D.  This year, resolve to shine all day, every day with Bella Sparkle Winter Collection pieces, and keep your sparkle bright until spring rouses us from our frosty doldrums.


Anticipate the sweet warmth of the coming season captured in Bella Sparkle’s late winter 2013 collection, featuring spring’s honey and pale green tones in semi-precious stones and gems, with silver and gold accents.


Autumn 2012 Archive

Gadzooks!  Seems like just yesterday that Halloween was just a twinkle in our eyes, and yet, November is nearly upon us.  At Bella Sparkle, we know how easily time slips away during these last few hectic months at the end of the year.  With family and friend gatherings around every corner, holiday preparations, and well, just life in our fast-paced world, it’s sometimes challenging to find enough hours in the day to get everything done.

This year, we’ll be offering special discounts on new pieces so you can wrap up your holiday shopping right from your computer.  We’ll even wrap and send your gift with a note from you directly to your recipient to save you a trip to the post office.

Stay tuned for a very special offer on the Gaea Collection pieces (click here to view), which we will begin in November.

The Bella Sparkle team wishes you a happy, cozy autumn season, and gives thanks for your ongoing support and patronage.

Winter is Coming

Autumn is in full-swing here in Southern California; the days a little shorter, the dark a little quicker, and Santa Ana winds blowing away the last of summer out into the Pacific Ocean.  Though we’ve only just begun settling into our pumpkin-spiced daydreams, don’t forget the winter holidays are just around the corner. Bella Sparkle’s beautiful, handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for your favorite ladyfriend.