Hearts Afire Collection




HeartsAfireGreetings, all you sparkly beauties!  I know what you’re thinking:  “It’s January.  Month of booooo-ring.”  Holiday sparkles still holding on with all their little mights are being swept into sad little drifts in the corners of rooms, with only the dust bunnies to keep them company, and no holidays worth rousing yourself from sweatpants is on the horizon.


Well, all you sparkletastic sparklepants, you must be mistaken, because it looks a whole lot like whoa-amazing-January-just-got-super-awesome around here ever since Bella Sparkle released the latest collection, HEARTS AFIRE.  Hearts afire will spark your soul’s tinder with a blaze of inspiration that’s sure to carry you through the rest of the winter with spring’s song on your smiling lips, and a sweet sparkle at your breast (or ears) (or wrist) (or all three, if you’re feeling extra snappy).


So run, leap, cartwheel and fly over to view the new Valentines Day 2014 Collection, HEARTS AFIRE, and remember, it’s always a healthy new year’s resolution to  Get Your Sparkle On.


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