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2013-holiday-sitebannerTis the Season for Sparkles!

Bella Sparkle’s 2013 Holiday Collection is now available!

Thanks to my amazing clients and friends, our first Holiday Jewelry show, co-hosted with Lynne’s Soul Stones in November, was a huge success!

Look for another chance to enjoy food, wine, and sparkles around Mother’s Day, and in the meantime stay warm (or cool, if you live in eternally-sunny SoCal), enjoy the holidays, and accept my humble thanks for helping make Bella Sparkle a successful small business.

The everyday inspiration I get from the amazing people in my life, both professionally and personally, is the driving force that powers my creativity.  For your love, your company, and just to know each and every one of you, I am profoundly grateful.

Sending all the shiniest wishes for the holiday season to you and your family…

Jenn German

Owner, Designer – Bella Sparkle


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY – The Hunger Games Collection returns!

Hunger Games-sm banner 2013In honor of Catching Fire for all you fellow fan-girls out there, I have unearthed my boxes of Hunger Games-inspired charms, jewels and sparkles and have slaved away tirelessly to bring you all the most glorious gems of The Capitol and its bedazzled denizens.

Get gussied up with some of these best-selling pieces (I’m bringing some of the old designs back, due to overwhelming popularity), and show your support for The Annual Hunger Games. We’re sure the tributes will appreciate your support, and, as always, may the odds be ever in your favor.  (Of getting one of these pieces before they’re whisked away!)