I get by with a little help…

… from my friends…

Who am I kidding? Without my friends who support my small business in a myriad of ways, I would just have a hobby. I get by ONLY because of a extraordinary amount of help from a wonderful group of people.

To my friends who are clients, THANK YOU for choosing to get your sparkles from me, seeing you wear jewelry that I have made brings joy to my heart. Working on gifts for you is a pleasure, working on commissions is an inspiration and I love it.

To Jess Estes aka Pookie McNoodles, aka the most incredible Graphic Artist… You elevate my brand, you bring class and elegance to everything you create and Bella Sparkle would NOT exist without you.

To Laura Andrews, an amazing friend who gives so much of her time and her energy lifting up those around her. Thank you for being an incredible model, thank you for inspiring me to strive for more and to ask for help.

To Danielle Gist, a wonderful friend, who brings joy to everyone near her. Thank you for giving your time and modeling for me. I appreciate you so much.

To Heather Lima, a lovely friend, laughter follows you everywhere. Thank you for being a model for BSJ. It means the world to me.

To Christa Bachman, of Let Go Media, who showed me that the jewelry photos I wanted were possible, and giving me the swift kick in the pants to learn how to do it myself. Thank you for the 2019 Winter Photos.

To Sasha Zimnitsky, thank you for teaching me that CFL bulbs are not the right ones, thank you for being patient, and thank you for the time on 2019 Summer Photos.

To John Harris… thank you for kindly saving my ass. CFL Banding be damned. I am so HUGELY grateful for your help in making what was unusable, AWESOME.

To Amanda Holm, thank you for taking a risk and collaborating with me. The pieces we created together are pieces I love. I look forward to creating with you again!

To Jennifer Marlo, thank you for always being willing to help and for all the assistance with photo shoots! Your presence brings me peace and I am grateful for that.

And lastly, thank you to Tim Stithem, my incredible, supportive, caring partner in love and life. Without your constant encouragement, endless help, and boundless love, I would be a mere shell of who I am. You inspire me to be better everyday. You make me believe. You make happy and hopeful and you make everyday better. I love you.