Inspired by the Hunger Games Characters…


After a smashing opening weekend for the first in the series of Films based on the award winning series of books, it’s really no wonder that The Hunger Games  is on everyone’s mind.

It’s been on mine since I first picked up the first book. Since the first line of the book, Suzanne Collins’ amazing words and descriptions buried her characters deep into my heart. I was moved so completely by the heartbreaking landscape of Panem and it’s horrendous, brutal ritual of The Hunger Games. The Reaping, Tessare, the ages of the Tributes, just made the story more gripping, more heart wrenching, and served to draw me completely and totally into a wonderful obsession with the story and the characters.

It’s because I have been unable to rip those Characters from my mind that I designed these pieces to honor my love for these amazing creation of Suzanne Collins.

So far I have designed collections for Katniss, Prim, Rue, Johanna, Wiress, and Cinna. Still to come are collections for Gale, Peeta and Beetee. These pieces mean the world to me. I tried to incorporate my images of their descriptions or their personalities in my designs. And in the description of each I have tried to explain my thought processes.

I hope you find my designs as compelling as I found their inspiration.

Enjoy the Hunger Games Collection.