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Privacy, Returns, and Terms of Use

Returns & Product Use Terms

If your product has been damaged or broken, either by fault of wearer or design flaw, please contact me at, and I will work with you to fix the jewelry piece.  

I offer returns or free repairs on any faulty product, or products that are damaged when used within normal parameters*. If you have questions about my returns parameters, please contact me.

*Normal parameters, include, for instance, a necklace chain breaks during normal wear, the item has a faulty clasp, a stone drops out of its setting. Abnormal parameters include (past examples of actual breakages caused by misuse on the part of wearer) running a jewelry item through a washer and dryer cycle; repeated damage and requests to repair a bracelet because it is worn while doing construction and gardening work; a baby pulling a necklace off multiple times. While I understand that accidents happen, and am happy to help you repair your damaged jewelry, repeated requests for damage repair due to unusually rough or careless treatment will not be free. If you have questions, please contact me

Your Information and Privacy 

My policy is to keep personal records of any interactions that occur through email, and any interactions that occur about custom work, and any that relate to a dispute or product issue. However, upon your explicit request, I am legally obligated to delete your past orders, user account, or records of interactions on this website, such as form entries or comments, and I will do so. If any records exist on this site that pertain to conditions mentioned above (dispute or custom work), I will keep them for my records independently of this website.

How you are allowed to use this site 

If you use this site for any purpose other than purchasing Bella Sparkle product, you will be banned. I do not take business service solicitation through this website, and if you enter a generic comment, comment with link, or a comment that advertises your business services, you will be banned and your email address will be reported as spam.