Winter’s End

As you bundle up and trudge through late winter’s long days, don’t forget to get your daily dose of Bella Sparkle and vitamin D. ¬†This year, resolve to shine all day, every day with Bella Sparkle Winter Collection pieces, and keep your sparkle bright until spring rouses us from our frosty doldrums.


Anticipate the sweet warmth of the coming season captured in Bella Sparkle’s late winter 2013 collection, featuring spring’s honey and pale green tones in semi-precious stones and gems, with silver and gold accents.


Winter is Coming

Autumn is in full-swing here in Southern California; the days a little shorter, the dark a little quicker, and Santa Ana winds blowing away the last of summer out into the Pacific Ocean. ¬†Though we’ve only just begun settling into our pumpkin-spiced daydreams, don’t forget the winter holidays are just around the corner. Bella Sparkle’s beautiful, handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for your favorite ladyfriend.